The Office of the International Ecumenical Concert of Penitential and Passion Music in Żory

At the Parish of  St. App. Philip and Jacob, 16 Garncarska Street, 44-240 Żory.


Detailed information is provided by the Organizational Director of the Concert:

Organizational Director - Ewa Adamczyk-Ścibik tel. 604 185 073

Office Manager - Maria Kaczmarczyk, phone no. 606 872 493

Promotion and logistics coordinator (media) Krzysztof Ścibik tel.600 154 045

e-mail: pasyjny.zory@interia. website:


Groups interested in participating in the Concert in Żory are asked to contact via e-mail: or with the Artistic Director of the Concert PhD Aleksandra Maciejczyk via phone: +48 606 281 392


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