International Ecumenical Concert of Penitetial and Passion Music in Żory

II edition / 15 - 16 of March 2024

Director of the Concert:
Ewa Adamczyk-Ścibik

tel. +48 604 185 073

Artistic Director of the Concert:
PhD Aleksandra Maciejczyk

tel. +48 606 281 392


Implementers International Ecumenical Concert of Penitential and Passion Music in Żory.

The inspiration for the (new event) first edition of the International Ecumenical Music Concert of Penitential and Passion Songs was the National Review of Church Choirs of Penitential and Passion Songs. For fifteen years, choirs resounded in the churches of Żory and had the opportunity to exchange experiences and raise the level of creativity for liturgical purposes while lovers of sacred music received a musical feast.

After the abolition of restrictions and the decrease in Covid 19, the originators Ewa and Krzysztof Ścibik decided together with the hosts: parish priest of Church of St. App. Philip and Jacob in Żory, Tomasz Nowak and parish priest of Evangelical-Augsburg Church, Bartosz Cieślar to initiate in a new form of international the International Ecumenical Concert of Penitential and Passion Music in Żory. The Żory Townhall joined the co-organization with the support of Mayors Waldemar Socha and Daniel Wawrzyczek.

The MEKMPiP office has been appointed:

  • Organizational Director – Ewa Adamczyk-Ścibik,
  • Artistic Director – Aleksandra Maciejczyk
  • Promotion and logistics coordinator – Krzysztof Scibik
  • MEKMPiP office manager – Maria Kaczmarczyk
  • Representative of the Municipal Council in Zory – Adrian Lubszczyk
  • and those cooperating in the organization of the event: Łukasz Kojzar, Marek Maciejczyk, Grzegorz Granek and Janusz JanikThe date of the concerts was set a week before Palm Sunday on Friday and Saturday.

Written by: Janusz Janik
Żory 2023r.

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